Protection From Abuse

Sometimes relationships go bad, very bad...

Through no fault of your own when a relationship falls apart things can become very dangerous or scary. If you are being abused, harassed or stalked, a protection from abuse order (PFA) in Chester County can prevent that person from having further contact with you. A PFA is are a civil order that protect an abused person from being contacted by a family or household member.

Some examples of types of behaviors that can lead to the issuance of a PFA in Chester County include:

    • Physical abuse
    • Sexual abuse
    • Stalking
    • Threats of bodily harm
    • Physically restraining someone

Once you have made the decision to file a protection from abuse order you can contact our Chester County offices to help you properly file the petition and then assist you through the hearing. If sufficient evidence is presented in the petition a judge will order a temporary order in place to protect you while you wait for a hearing. At that hearing you may testify to the conduct that has placed you in fear or danger. The judge can then order that the PFA be put in place for up to three years.

Having an experienced Chester County attorney assist you can make this very stressful process more manageable. The person who is targeting you will likely have an attorney and you need an experienced and aggressive attorney to represent you and protect your rights.